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Demand Leads To Innovation

As the cannabis industry grows, so does it's need for innovative solutions.  This is where GRS Supplies Inc shines.  We are excited to be launching three new products to help Cultivators and Dispensaries exceed expectations every day moving forward.


Ahead of the Curve

Once in a while a product comes along that challenges conventional thinking.  GRS Supplies believes that our Cannabis products will distinguish your company from it's competitors.  Change is inevitable in every form, including thought. Lets get out in front of the main stream together!


Preparing for Legality

GRS Supplies is focused on partnering with leaders of industry to prepare for the legalization of Cannabis throughout North America. 

Providing patented products to preserve the quality of dried cannabis, soft gels and capsules.


GRS Snap-In*


  • Custom sizes and colors available
  • Conceals 2-way humidity pack under perforated snap-in within lid
  • Separates 2-way humidity pack from cannabis, soft gels and capsules,  allowing maintenance of desired RH level during Shipment and Storage
  • A tool to help create & contain a moisture controlled environment for prolonged Medicinal qualities, Terepenes and THC levels 
  • High-quality FDA approved food-grade plastic, 100% recyclable 

*PATENTED Perforated lid Snap-in for humidity packs

GRS Plastic Drying Tray*


  • Eliminates metal debris contamination of cannabis, soft gels or capsules
  • 360 degree air flow with over 13,000 holes
  • Developed for drying/curing cannabis, soft gels and capsules 
  • Increases drying capacity without increasing manufacturing footprint
  • Lightweight and more cost effective than stainless steel trays
  • Fits standard rack (18 x 24 perforated tray)
  • Temperature range from -50° to 100°C
  • High quality FDA approved food-grade HDPE plastic tray, 100% recyclable
  • Available in Metal Detectable Plastic

*PATENTED Perforated Plastic Drying Tray

GRS Oil Jars


  • High quality jars available in glass or plastic
  • Variety of colors and sizes available
  • Dropper and top included in price
  • Top available in tamper evident, certified child resistant, and non-tamper evident/child resistant
  • Calibrated and non-calibrated droppers available


New Packaging Innovation

The GRS Drop-in


What you’ve all been waiting for! A packaging tool to help maintain the humidity level of dried Cannabis from the time container is sealed to delivery. GRS Supplies Inc. has partnered with MD Cannabis Automation and CannaSupplies to bring forward this incredible, premium element to your packaging. A tool to capture a 2-way humidity pack in a sealed container without the pack touching the cannabis. This packaging innovation can be retrofitted to any exiting automation line.

  • Captures 2-way humidity pack in neck of container to free up space
  • Is automation and induction seal ready
  • Separates humidity pack from the product, maintaining desired RH level during shipment and storage
  • Creates and contains a moisture controlled environment, prolonging medicinal qualities, Terepenes, and THC levels
  • Made from high-quality FDA approved food-grade plastic, and is 100% recyclable 

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Finally, a tool to free up space while allowing for prolonged dried cannabis medicinal qualities, Terpenes and THC levels from packing, sealing, warehousing, through to delivery and arrival to the end user. 

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Breathing Green Solutions Inc.


The GRS drying trays for cannabis have been a great addition to our drying room. Easy to clean, stack, and transport. The GRS trays allow for proper airflow throughout the entire tray, resulting in evenly dried product every time. I highly recommend the GRS drying trays.

Joe Sanford

Co-founder & COO

Helping businesses meet production goals with passion and ethical practices while cutting costs and enhancing QA.

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